Google Earth, White House Edition

      Has visiting the White House been on your mind? Now you can with the updated Google Earth Street View. Street View lets you look at different things of which you have never seen before. Usually the street view lets you only see the view from streets all around the world. One of these exceptions from this is the view from the White House. Many different rooms appear as you stroll around inside one of the main governing buildings.

      Many different rooms are visit able in the White House, Such as the famous red room, one of the rooms shown in Jacqueline Kennedy’s tour of the White House for CBS. Many people have placed their own pictures of the white house, which you can view from the street view feature. Occasionally you also see people strolling through the White House. If you want to visit the White House, but don’t have the time or money, download Google Earth and view the wonders of D.C. right from your home.