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The “Homeless Planet”

      Scientists always knew that the existence of “Homeless Planets” always existed but they have never been able to find one. They have found a celestial body floating around in space not pulled by another planet. They call this mysterious object CFBDSIR2149 and it is located one hundred light years away. Scientists estimate that this mass is about fifty to one hundred and fifty million years old. It is also about four to seven times bigger than Jupiter.

      Scientists are still pondering about whether the planet is a “stand-alone” planet or the result of a normal planet being kicked out of its solar system. Since it is a “Homeless planet” it has no light reflecting off it so that lets scientists study it more closely with infrared lights. Although scientists say that there are a ton of these kinds of planets floating around, it will be hard to find them, it almost took a decade to find this one.

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