Tribute: 60 Years of Peeps

Peeps Portrait

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Have you ever had a Peep? Well, just recently, the Peep celebrated its 60th anniversary. The sweet, marshmallowy, sugary treat was originally made by hand before acquired by the company Just Born, when it was mechanized. The Peep has also just released its first commercial in about 10 years.

Many enthusiasts are making sports out of Peeps. One such sport is “Microwave Battling” where two peeps are put in the microwave to dish it out. Many people also create art out of the sugary treats. For the daring, there is a recipe contest for foods with peeps in them, such as Peepza (dessert pizza with Peeps). I personally like peeps for the flavor and sponginess of the whole package. Although I am not an enthusiast, I still can’t deny to liking peeps and I am happy to see the marshmallows reaching such a milestone.