Car Crashes Taking the Lives of Teens

          Six teens killed when an overcrowded SUV flips into a pond

A tragic car accident led to the death of six teens in Warren, Ohio. Eight teens were crammed into this joy riding SUV. Six were killed and two were injured badly. They were speeding down a two-lane road when it crashed into the guardrail and flipped into a pond. This accident is considered to be the worst accident in Ohio in three years. There were no signs of alcohol or drugs from the teens and only some of the passengers were wearing a seatbelt. The two who had survived managed to escape by breaking the rear window. They then ran home about a quarter of a mile to call 9-1-1.

           Five teens killed in a Texas car crash

A terrible accident in Texas happened on the same day as the one in
Ohio. This accident killed five teens. A sport utility vehicle and a gas tanker truck collided. The gas from the tanker truck set both cars into flames. This injured the truck driver and killed all five teens in the SUV. 

           Three teens killed in Ripley Indiana car crash

In addition to the Ohio and Texas crash, two trucks collided in Ripley Indiana killing three teens. There were a total of six teens in the car, but only three managed to survive. They had been at the Future Farmers of America event where they had left in trucks. They were unaware of each other and one truck hit the other at an intersection. The investigators say the teens were not racing. This crash happened the same week as the other two above^.

Research reveals that motor vehicle wrecks seem to be the number one killer of youths in the U.S.

           Ways to prevent accidents like these from happening

  • Keep your vehicles safe! –always go have your car checked out
  • Practice defensive driving! -try not to get mad at others when they make a mistake on the road.
  • Watch other cars around you!
  • Keep your distance! -never follow a car too closely.
  • Be sure to be extra careful in BAD weather!
  • Always wear your seatbelt!
  • Don’t drive when you are drowsy and don’t feel good!
  • Avoid distraction –always keep your eyes focused on the road.
  • Don’t speed!
  • Don’t drink and drive!
  • Try to refrain from being on your cell phone while driving!