Underground Town


In the vast desert of Australia lies a brilliantly made town located completely underground named Coober Pedy. This town can be found in the Australian Outback 846 km north of Adelaide. Coober Pedy was created in 1915 along with the discovery of the mineral Opal. When people discovered this mineral, tons of people started flocking in from everywhere to get their share. They realized that while they are digging down, they couldsleep there as well, therefore Coober Pedy was made.

As people adapted, old mines were converted into homes and over time they became bigger and more sophisticated. There are also new hotels to hold the gigantic amount of tourists. It even holds a golf course for people who need some extra physical activity. The homes inside the mines feature many modern things like walk-in closets, kitchens and televisions. In this underground town they have museums and even a church.

Not only is this amazing place a tourist destination, but it is a major region for film making. Coober Pedy is featured in many movies like “Pitch Black”, “Red Planet”, and “Opal Dream.” It was also on an episode of The Amazing Race where their challenge was either to go underground in search of Opal or play three rounds on the golf course.