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Cyber Bullying: Is It a Problem?

The answer is yes. Over the years as technology has grown cyber bullying has become a major problem. Kids all over the world, think that just because it is said online means that it isn’t bullying. But the truth of it is, cyber bullying is most times worse than verbal bullying. This is because cyber bullies are bolder than face-to-face bullies, because the bullying is not up front and personal. Texting and social media sites are the most common place for cyber bullying to take place.

Texting is one of the easiest ways for bullies to get at their victims. All they have to do is send a quick IM and someone is contemplating suicide. Text bullying has been related to teen suicides. It is a proven fact that 9 in 10 teens have a cell phone, and that 1 in 5 teens are victims of text bullying. Text bullying often leads to depression, suicide, and social disconnection.

Social networking sites are also an easy way for kids to bully others. Facebook is a very popular social networking site for bullies to have easy access to their victims. Facebook has an option similar to texting called chat, basically IM. Twitter is also a social networking site where it is easy for bullies to make fun of people in public. On Twitter nearly anyone can see conversations that people have between each other. Instagram is an app for a smartphone,where people post pictures of anything they want. This makes it easy for bullies to post embarrassing photos.

Bullying has changed drastically from when our parents were kids. When they were kids, bullies were face to face. Nowadays kids bully over the internet and on their phones. This means that bullies are braver because they think that their conversations are private. This is the reason why the number of teen suicides has increased over the years. Parents don’t understand what its like to get bullied on the internet, it is harder to get help.



  1. yah!!i agree ..cyber-bullying is most times worse than verbal bullying.Bullying will never end I think. It is getting worse nowadays because of the new technology, such as the social networking sites. Though these sites are great ways of communicating to long time friends as well as making new friends, still it brings harassment in its own way. I have been bothered because my children were being bullied online. I just don’t know how to stop it.

    1. PGGUARD. This can help you with your problem. It sends alarms whenever my son bullies again or uses harsh words. You can google it to know more. I am using it because it really helps me monitors my son’s social net accounts such as facebook.
      I just hope the community and the government will give a higher level of seriousness to this. Even the involved are minors they should still make some serious investigations to it.

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