North Korea threatens the U.S.

There are people in the world that are not very happy with the U.S.  Some countries show numerous amount of hatred towards America. One way that countries can show their hatred is to try and threaten American society. One example, is an isolated asian country known as North Korea; they have attempted to threaten the U.S. with nuclear weapons. 

Kim Jonq-Un, the leader of North Korea, is in his late 20’s has threatened the U.S. with their missiles. He apparently feels the need to avenge his father by making all of these threats to the most powerful nation in the world. He has taken a more viral approach with this act than his father would of done. He has been more involved with the media and everything that happens in the world. Hopefully, he might bring the North Korean nation out of isolation and become a industrialized power along with neighboring countries.

But on the other hand, Kim’s immaturity has brought out a side of him that is not supported by the rest of the world. In February of 2013, Kim was discovered to be hosting tests on nuclear power underground. This event resulted in a shun from America, England, and Japan. Hopefully the rest of the world will lead him the right direction to success without causing distress in the world.

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