Teen Drinking

At the end of March students are at the edge of their seats waiting for the temporary freedom of Spring Break. Many students head to the beach with their friends and no parents, which is the perfect opportunity for trouble! This being the case, students are put in great danger when alcohol is in the picture. By examining the higher percentage of underage drinking, the rise in car and pedestrian accidents due to teen drinking, and the increase in the number of people arrested due to drinking over spring break, it is clear that teen drinking is at an all time high.

Studies show that by the age of eighteen, 70 percent of teens have had at least one drink. Teens are not only pressured by their peers, but also popular alcohol companies. They advertise in countries that have legal drinking age set to 18 years old. Alcohol companies have also paired up with tourist companies to make commercials that will influence teenagers to buy their products. These influences can cause teens to make unwise and dangerous decisions with alcohol.

Each year 12,000 students die from drinking related car accidents. One car accident that happened on July 12th involved Hunter Emerson. Hunter Emerson was at a friend’s house when Hunter and his friends consumed alcohol, which was provided by Heidi Fain who was also drinking.  They went on a trip to McDonalds, with Fain driving, and ended up wrecking into a ditch, leaving Hunter in critical condition. “Getting in the car with a drunk driver was a stupid decision,” Hunter stated. Many other teens make the decision to drive while under the influence, some are left unharmed, but that’s a deadly decision for most.

Parents and officials are cracking down on the drinking. Recently in bars they have been doing I.D. checks, bar patrols, and even party patrol outside of bars. This clearly is working because in 2011, 155 students were busted at a college party. The students were busted for alcohol consumption, alcohol possession, and driving under the influence. The students stated that they had bought the alcohol with fake I.D.s when questioned. Big tourist locales such as Panama City and Destin officials are patrolling more than ever.

Teen drinking has increased over the years. Underage drinking can have a lot of negative effects such as car accidents, arrests, and physical dangers. There are many websites such as http://www.ungthesteeple.com/2013/03/a-common-sense-guide-to-spring-break/. This site provides many safe tips and helpful ways to stop drinking.