The Sweden Icehotel


    The Sweden Icehotel is a hotel made of ice from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi (you-kas-yayr-vi), Sweden. Every winter, ice is taken from the river and artists begin working on designing the hotel. They sculpt and cut away at the ice until the hotel is finally done. The hotel is open in the winter, but in the spring the hotel melts away. Soon after the thawing of the hotel, work begins on preparing for the next one.

       During the day, visitors are welcome to come and tour the hotel. However, after 6pm, the hotel is only welcome to guests who have reserved a room. The price for a room at the Icehotel is 700 Swedish Krona per person per night. That would convert into about 107 US dollars. This hotel is much more unique than any other hotel you have been to. The room accommodations include a bed made of ice blocks topped with a mattress, reindeer skin, and a thermal sleeping bag. The rooms also contain ice sculptures made from various artists all across the globe. Also, once you wake up in the morning, you can begin to explore all the other wonderful things Sweden has to offer!

      There are multiple things you can do during your stay at the Sweden Icehotel. You could see the Northern Lights, you could go sleighing and ice fishing, and you could even get married at the hotel’s chapel! However, you must be sure to book your stay early; every year the hotel quickly becomes fully booked!–Cities/Northern-Sweden/The-ICEHOTEL/