Defacing the Grave

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Some people seem to have forgotten the term ‘Rest in Peace’; they have gone into cemeteries and vandalized the headstones of those buried there.

In 2006, in Oregon, a cemetery sustained imprudent wreckage. The suspects, according to local officials, were most likely students from a high school located close to the cemetery. They appear to have held a party in the cemetery leaving behind beer cans and fast food. The cemetery was old and many of the headstones fell and were ruined. 

In Wellsville, Ohio, a recent case resulted in roughly three hundred headstones damaged. Three vandals were charged with the destruction that could add up to five hundred-thousand dollars in damage. 

Another case, closer to home, a small cemetery was vandalized. Newer and nicer-looking  headstones were knocked over at Bethlehem Cemetery near Corydon, IN. One of the headstones attacked was a large, dark monument with a picture engraved on the back.

As you can see people who have passed aren’t left to rest in peace, and these are only a few cases. So, ask yourself, what can we do to keep our cemeteries respected so they can continue to be good final resting places for our loved ones?