Don’t Kill the Bees!

Picture from: http://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/the-latest-buzz-on-disappearing-honey-bees-some-improvement.html
Picture from:

The honeybees that are raised in California or Florida have been dying lately in by an irregular large amount. To some people, this may not seem a problem, but that is only because they don’t realize how important honeybees are to our food. They help pollinate flowers and plants which help them grow. With the decreasing population of honeybees, our food supply would decrease as well.
It has been happening for 4 years now, and the scientists are wondering why it is happening. The scientists think it might be related to something within the agricultural environment that’s making them weaker and causing the little creatures death. Bees might be a nuisance, but they are vital to other life.



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