Sensor on space station may have discovered Elusive Dark Matter

A team of reseachers have discovered a substance in space collected by the space station. An international team, determined that this dark matter in space could possibly change our lives forever. The dark matter is energy that may possibly, when enhanced, provide clean limitless energy. If and when they find a way to gain access to the energy, it would be a huge milestone in the field of astronomy and space related studies. There has been controversy because some people don’t believe.

So what is dark matter anyways? Dark matter is a substance that isn’t made out of atoms, they are made up of atom like particles, that when charged, turn a silver color. They simply don’t collide; they just pass through each other freely. They fall freely under the influence of gravity, and take the plunge into these giant elliptical paths through all the stars, planets, gas, and dust in its own unique way. There is dark matter everywhere. The galaxy is filled with dark matter. It is not as easy to find as you would think, but like most things, it can be done.

Researchers around the world say they can only see a tiny portion of silver and the rest is consisted of dark matter that researchers have not yet unveiled. “We live in a sea of dark matter. Our galaxy is embedded in a huge roughly spherical halo of dark matter particles”, says Michael Salamon, who is employed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Salamon, who was a part of the discovery, says that this dark matter in space is beyond the imaginable by our current scientific theories. Plus Salamon says, “If we detected dark matter and learn something about its nature, it will have made a major impact to our understanding of physics and nature itself.”

But on the other hand, other scientists have voted against dark matter. “I would bet against dark matter being the origin of these particles at this time,” says Dan Hooper, a scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Illinois. Gregory Tarle, a physicist at the University of Michigan, saw similar particles in an experiment he tested years ago. Tarle says that the remains of certain stars, when dead, can produce the same type of substances.

Researchers around the world in 16 countries have spent $2 billion building a detector to pick up any evidence of any matter or substances that are close to the mysterious dark matter. Two years ago, this new equipment was taken up to the space station and was attached to the side of it. Researchers say that this machine has helped them discover high-energy particles, which could be coming from collisions of dark matter. The theories state that when dark matter particles collide, they annihilate one another; the amount of energy released from this collision is enough to create visible particles.

Sam Ting, a Nobel-Prize winning physicist who is responsible for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) says that this is only the beginning. As the AMS collects more particles, it should be able to tell whether they are coming from dark matter collisions. “I think with AMS there is no question, we are going to solve this problem,” stated Ting.

So what are your thoughts; do you think that they found dark matter and could it possibly lead to another energy source? Or do you believe that this isn’t dark matter and just particles from other stars orbiting freely around the galaxy?