Pigs of the Bahamas

Pigs swim in the Bahamas. Courtesy of albany.com

Have you ever thought of all of the things pigs can do? I would think not. But if you do, add swimming to the list. Big Mayor Cay, known by most as Pig Island, is a pig paradise, with food, sunlight and a very beautiful beach. This tourist attraction consists of a few pigs… who can swim.

The pigs are unharmed by the violence of the sea, being in an ideal spot. It has some of the best weather in the world, and it never gets hit be tropical storms thanks to its location. The pigs will almost never go hungry either. They get a periodical shipment of food and they even meet the yacht out in the water. They get enough food from the tourists, though. So, If you ever want to see a combination of Phelps and bacon, you have got a site that delivers both!