How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Do you ever struggle getting a good night sleep? Have you noticed that you struggle to stay awake during class? Here are a few tips to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

1. Make sure you expose your body to natural light. Your body contains a natural sleep cycle that is set off by natural light. When it is bright outside you body is more likely to stay awake than when it is dark. If you are constantly in a room with no windows it will be hard for your body to get into its normal cycle. The importance lies in the drugs that your body releases into your system. These drugs are what make you tired. Without natural light it will be hard for your body to know when to release these drugs.
2. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule. When you wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day, your body will set a natural internal ‘alarm clock’. This will help you get better deeper sleep. If you get up at different times your body may not be ready to sleep when you are.
3. Try to limit what you eat and drink before you go to bed. If you go to bed on a full or empty stomach, the discomfort of either may make it hard to get sleep. Also, try to stay away from drinks because of the late night bathroom breaks. This will also disturb your sleep because when you wake up and turn the lights on, it will disturb you natural sleep cycle discussed in number one.
4. Keep a bedtime routine. Make sure that this routine is relaxing. This routine will help you finish off the day and will help your body recognize that it is time for sleep. Some routines include reading (try to stay away from bright light or electronic books), a hot bath (make sure it isn’t too close to bedtime so you won’t be uncomfortably hot), or listening to soft music (try to not use ear buds or headphones).

These are all great ways to help you get some much needed sleep. Sleep is very important for middle school-aged students because most kids are going through or getting ready to go through growth spurts. If you struggle getting sleep make sure to let parents or a doctor know because you may be experiencing more serious health problem.

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