Readers Get Ahead During the Summer

What is there to do over summer break? I know many people think swimming, sports, vacation, hang out with friends, or camp, but what about on those days when it’s not great outside or its too hot, when you’re not feeling well, or maybe at night when there’s nothing to do? Well one interesting and useful thing to do is read. Many teens don’t prefer to read especially over summer, but if you find something you like to read, then you might consider it fun.
A great way to keep up with books and reading over the summer is the New Albany Floyd County Public Library Summer Reading Club for Teens. Not only do you get the joy of reading books or magazines that you like, you also receive rewards depending on how many books you have read. It is a great opportunity for teens that really like books or maybe even for some teens who haven’t tried to read books because they don’t want to. So go on down to the New Albany Floyd County Public Library and join the Teen Summer Reading Club and start reading today.