Top Ten Travel Destinations In the U.S.

If you want to go to the number one travel destination for 2013 you won’t have to travel very far. That’s right, the number one travel destination is Louisville, Kentucky! Louisville has many wonderful dining options and a great social scene. This great city also has many museums and site seeing opportunities. Louisville Slugger Field and Museum is home to the biggest baseball bat in the world and is defiantly a sight to see! Louisville is also home to Churchill Downs. You can spend a fun filled day with the family at the track. Louisville sits right along the Ohio River. You can go boating, fishing, or dine at a restaurant that sits on the bank. With all these adventures are waiting for you just across the bridge, you are sure to have a great summer!

The second top travel destination is a little farther away. It is Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. With an abundance of mountains, streams, and wildlife there are plenty of activities for your avid outdoorsman. But if you’re looking to capture the real beauty of Alaska you just have to look up. Fairbanks is home to the amazing Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. It is a spectacular light show that you will never forget. Getting to Alaska may be out of reach for most of us that live in Southern Indiana but if you ever get to go it is a trip you will never forget.

San Juan Islands, Washington is the number three destination. The San Juan Islands is home to its own state park, Lime Kiln Point. The islands provide a beautiful and serene place. With a state park it is the perfect place for outdoor activities and recreations. Fresh seafood is also at the top of the menu. The San Juan Islands is a perfect destination for a summer vacation full of adventure.

Number four is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Art is taking center stage in Philly right now. It is home of Philadelphia Museum of Art and is the new home of the Barnes Foundation. There are many art galleries and just as many tasty Dinning options to go along with them. If you are a person that enjoys paintings and sculptures this is a must see city for you!

Ranking at number five is American Samoa. This may be a little out of the way for some people but it defiantly makes up for it in beauty. The pristine white sand beaches are absolutely gorgeous. You will also enjoy a change in culture. The islands are rich with Polynesian culture. If you like a little change once in awhile the American Samoa is definitely a place for you to go.

Most people think of Hollywood or LA when they think of a California vacation. But, if you want to visit the number six travel destination for 2013 you will have to bypass the glitz and glamour for a more scenic and serene place. Eastern Sierra, California is ranked sixth in the list of travel destinations. This city is home to the Devils Postpile National Monument. It is a 60 foot tall curtain of basalt columns made from molten lava. The monument is only a little idea of all the magnificent scenery in Eastern Sierra.

Northern Maine is number seven. If you like the outdoors Northern Maine is the place for you. Northern Maine is home to many beautiful lakes and rivers that provide tons of great rafting opportunities. For those of us that like a more peaceful serene experience on vacation, you can take a ride on a 99 year old steam boat on Moosehead Lake. Northern Main has something for all types a people!

If you have made plans for the summer already or you like vacationing in the winter time better, Twin Cities, Minnesota is the place for you! Twin Cities, Minnesota ranks in at number eight on our list. Rice Park is a beautiful place to spread some Christmas cheer. It is decorated every year at Christmas time and is a beautiful sight to see. So if you’re looking to get out and go somewhere this winter Twin Cities, Minnesota is the place to go.

Verde Valley, Arizona is number nine on the destination list. Arizona has many beautiful vineyards. You can also enjoy kayaking down one of Arizona’s many rivers. Arizona has many wonderful options that will accommodate everything you want in a vacation.

Glacier Nation Park, Montana wraps up the countdown at number ten. Glacier Nation Park is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful places in America. You can take a boat ride to the continental dived or just drive the Going- To- The- Sun- Road that cuts right through the heart of the park. Glacier is also full of wildlife like elf, moose, wolves, and mountains goats. Visiting Glacier National Park is sure to be an experience you will never forget.