Jeffersonville Italian Fest

Written by Ian Kimbell

       Fall is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate then some Italian food and fun? On September 27 through 29, Jeffersonville will host the Italian Festival. Even though this isn’t Venice, “you will feel like an Italian for a weekend-”says

A pizza is ready to be served.

    Now, you may be thinking, “Why would a middle schooler like me want to go?” Well, there are many events that you might like. If you like spicy food, why not give the hot pepper eating contest (sponsored by Sancho Miguel’s Salsa) a try? If you like soft music, then you’re in luck, because Franco Corso, “The voice of romance” will be performing. Plus, no matter who you are, everyone loves a nice slice of pizza. All the information you need is on .

           There is a wide range of food to choose from, including pizza, spaghetti, and calzones. My personal favorite is the pizza, mainly because of its perfect combination of melted cheese, spices, and crispy crust. The dessert options are gelato, cannoli, cupcakes, and many others. If you have never tried a cannoli, or don’t know what a cannoli is, then it is time to start living. Cannoli is a crispy cylindrical crust covered in powdered sugar and filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, which is similar to cream cheese. You can have chocolate chips  on your cannoli.

A cannoli is on the dessert table

Other activities include the grape tossing contest, pizza dough tossing contest, spaghetti eating contest, and the cannoli eating contest. The grape tossing contest is like a water balloon toss, except using grapes instead of balloons. There is also the beautiful bambino contest, where you can dress your younger brother, sister, or any child under the age of four in a nice Italian outfit.

The Italian Festival is a great way to explore the Italian culture and be a part of it. There will be food, contests, and a whole lot more. I’ll see you there!