Is Your Computer Watching You?

By Dalen Payton

As you are on the computer, you see that ad for the weight loss pill your dad looked up last week. You also remember seeing an ad for tickets to the next Katy Perry concert. You think “this is probably just a coincidence”. But is it really a coincidence?

No, this is no coincidence. Companies are now putting tracking devises in computers to track what you are looking up. When Business’s  (Google being a good example) see what you are looking up, they can put ads for their product on sites that you view. They are hoping you will see one of these ads and you will either buy the product or recommend it to a friend.

The people making these tracking devices are invading other people’s privacy. It feels awkward knowing somebody is watching what you are looking up. Although companies already have access to your google searches. They should still be required to obtain our permission. Furthermore, it is  distracting to have all of those annoying ads on the side of your computer. Who wants to be reminded daily of that Katy Perry concert that your parents said you couldn’t go to?

So, the next time you look something up or you see another annoying ad for that weight loss pill, take into consideration what company is tracking you.