Mr. Weaver: Staff of the Month

By Ian Kimbell

As some of you may know, the winner of Scribner Middle School’s first “Staff of the Month” award was Mr. Weaver, the band teacher. I decided to interview him to see why he deserved such an award. “I like to think that I make class exciting and entertaining and at the same time they are learning a lot.”says Mr. Weaver. He feels that his method of teaching is effective because of this, because it is “a good balance.” Mr. Weaver says he felt honored receiving the “Staff of the Month Award”, and mentioned a nice gift basket.

Mr. Weaver is a fairly new teacher, entering Scribner last year. He said he expected a fun environment at Scribner. Scribner has apparently been what he expected,”I have loved Scribner so far.” Mr. Weaver developed an interest in band instruments in fifth grade, when he started playing the trumpet. He switched to french horn in eighth grade, and in his junior year of high school knew that he wanted to be a band teacher. Because of this background, it comes as no surprise that he specializes in brass instruments.

Mr. Weaver feels that he is better prepared this year for beginning band, as opposed to last year when he was new to the school. He keeps students interested in band class by doing songs that are fun and recognizable. He manages teaching three different sections of instruments at once by finding ways the sections relate, and the working with them individually. When not teaching or making lesson plans, he plays softball with his softball league, goes kayaking, skiing, and anything outdoors.

Now it’s time to find out what his students think. When asked if Mr. Weaver deserved the “Staff of the Month” award, four out of four students interviewed said yes. “Yes,he does his best to teach us well,” says Isabella, a beginning band member. All students interviewed said Mr. Weaver is interactive. “He’ll grab his trumpet and make us play songs he makes up,” says Alexis, a beginning band flutist. All students interviewed say that they’ve learned a lot. All of the interviewed students also said that Mr. Weaver pays attention to their instrument when needed.

Mr. Weaver, Andrew, Isabella, Shelby, and Alexis were interviewed in the making of this article.