Student Spotlight: Ryan Clemons

Ryan Clemons is an 8th grader who plays tennis on the tennis team. You may already know this about him. What you might not know is that he is addicted to tennis. After tennis practice, he goes to a tennis practice at New Albany High School where he plays for about one hour and thirty minutes. This means that he usually does not get home until 8:00, if not later, while still having time for academics. He is one very flexible person and he can take a lot of pressure and still push through.

When asked what tennis meant to him, he replied “everything.” This told me that he cared about tennis not as a sport, a future job or a hobby but rather a passion.

Ryan Clemons is an inspiration to most of the team members. He is always cool, calm, and tries his best. He is regarded as the fourth best player on the team but a few, including me, think that he should be on a higher spot on the team. Talk with other players on the team, and most of them agree that Ryan is a teammate that every athlete should strive to be like. I think that if Ryan counties to play school tennis and tennis after school that one day he might be able to play professionally.