Are iPads Replacing Paper?

We’ve all used an Apple product at least once in our lives, such as iPhones, iPods, iMacs, and even iPads. And most of us use and have these products.

And Apple has already changed most of our generation to the way we listen to music and even the way we watch TV. But will Apple change more of our generation? Would you ever think they would change the way we use paper? Think again.

The iPad is pretty much like an iPod touch      only bigger, but just one simple change can make a huge difference. Since iPads are big, we can read, type, and even watch movies easier than an iPod. And with the millions of applications AKA apps you can download, who knows the many things you can do with an iPad?

Paper is something we use often, if it’s for writing, drawing, or taking notes. We use paper every day. We don’t notice it, but we do hurt the environment by using paper, especially throwing it away instead of recycling it.

Some schools and work places have thought about this and wondered, what should we do? Then the light bulb turned on. Why not use iPads instead of paper?

A few folders and lots of notes and documents can fit into one iPad, not only cant this help in organizing, this also helps the environment by not using as much paper.

Ever since iPads came out, more and more schools and work places have been starting to use iPads.

So did Apple do it again? Did they change our generation by just creating one thing? Replacing the one thing we use the most?

The short answer to this question is no. The iPad isn’t going to replace paper completely. It might change the way we write or type documents and/or notes, but we still need paper for other things like posters, paintings, and etcetera.

This is definitely a huge change for some of us. Especially Apple. And some of us think of this as a good change, for schools, work places, and etcetera. But don’t be surprised if Apple does change another generation, because they were definitely close to doing it this time, and might do a comeback!