Instagram Do’s and Don’t’s

By: Olivia Hawkins

Instagram is a place to share things about you and your life. But Instagram is also used to see how popular you are for some people. If you have lost a lot of follower’s maybe you should evaluate what you are posting. To gain more followers you should follow these simple guidelines. Just remember Instagram is filled with people who are sharks who feed off of making fun of people, don’t be one of those people who get made fun of.

Here are the Instagram do’s and don’ts. One basic thing that I always remember is don’t post more than three pictures a day if it isn’t a special event such as a party. This basic rule helps because if you are blowing up someone’s feed with something they don’t care about its considered annoying. Never post more than two selfies a day. For those people who don’t know what a selfie is it is a picture you take of yourself. Just keep in mind they can be annoying if you post too many of them.

Another thing is never post things that might offend other people. So for example if you got in an argument with someone at school today don’t post something saying you’re angry in tag them in it. This just causes arguments that are often viewed as stupid and petty. You may also loose followers if all you try to do is get a reaction out of someone. One thing to do is if you see an argument don’t get involved.

One thing to do on Instagram is post things that are relatable and fun or interesting to look at. Just remember that Instagram was created to share memories with friends that weren’t even there. Use Instagram as a quick way to share experiences not as a popularity contest. If you follow these simple things Instagarm will be a good place to go to see whats going on in the world.