Percy Fowl Reads: The Fault In Our Stars

Percy Fowl Reads: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is an amazing book that falls into the category of realistic fiction. This book centers around a sixteen year old girl named Hazel who has terminal lung cancer. Though I have read other “cancer” books where the character gets cancer and the author writes about their hardships and their survival, the Fault in Our Stars tells that Hazel doesn’t just die or live. John Green writes a different type of cancer book and the tiny difference of not having only two options affected the whole story. The way that Green introduces his characters and the way he deepens them makes you love them. This book made me cry, laugh, and cry again.

This book gets a five out of five in the realistic fiction department. I think this book was an amazing one and I would most definitely recommend this book to a friend. I really liked the way that Green introduced the characters in this story.


By Vijay Chiurmamilla