The Eye of Napoleon

Written by Ian Kimbell

napolean-bonaparte_crossinalpsThe Frazier History Museum in Louisville has a new exhibit about a famous and infamous man in history. This man was a painter, sculptor, designer, and above all, a ruthless Emperor of France. The new exhibit is about Napoleon Bonaparte and his love for the arts and all things appealing to the eye. This exhibit has everything, from gifts given to wives and relatives to exquisite pieces from the personal collection of Napoleon himself. What better place to hold this exhibit than Louisville, a place named after King Louis XVI, who was another powerful Frenchman?

Napoleon’s love for the arts was not only a hobby but helped him politically. Napoleon said that he would be an advocate for the arts as Emperor. He certainly was a man of his word. Napoleon loved art so much that he was a prominent figure in the expansion of the Louvre, a renowned art museum in Paris, France. He donated hundreds of pieces from raids in Italy and paintings from people of his own country, France. The exhibit will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe Napoleon’s tastes and skills as an artist. They will show you a side of this man that many history books could not. Admission for adults is $18.50, and admission for children is $6.00. If you are a member, adult admission is $8.00 and children come free. Use this link for more information:

I know this may seem costly, but the experiences and sights will be priceless. There will be many pieces from Napoleon’s collection, with a variety of mediums. There is something for everybody, from furniture and clothing to paintings and sculptures. If you like history, then give this exhibit a try. Spice up your weekend the right way, with art and history from the collection of a mentally complex French emperor.