How Annoying are You On Social Media?


1. How many social media sites are you on?
a) None
b) 1 or 2
c) 3 or 4
d) 5 or more

2. How many hashtags are appropriate for a post?
a) None
b) One or two
c) Three
d) Four or more

3. Do you approve of selfies?
a) I don’t know, I haven’t taken too many before
b) I don’t really know, I’ve taken a few
c) Sure, I don’t really care anyways
d) I love those! I take one every day!

4. How many updates/posts do you do a week?
a) Not often, maybe 1 or 2
b) Maybe once every two days or so
c) Once a day maybe
d) Two or more a day

5. What do you think of posting “reposts” or “reblogs”?
a) Those are so annoying! I have to block people to get away from it!
b) Meh, I just ignore them
c) Sure, reposting doesn’t take up much time
d) I have to repost every single repost post because I want to save children in Africa and donate money to a 3 year old’s bank account by posting something

6. Do you creep on people or add people you sometimes don’t even know?
a) Ew! That’s stalking
b) Maybe once in a while
c) Sure, but not to the point of being weird
d) I’ll add a pretty guy/girl from Australia just so I can look at their life

7. Have you ever been told that you’re annoying on social media?
a) No. I’m nice to everyone
b) I’ve told it to someone
c) Maybe once
d) More than two times

8. Do you go through people’s feeds just to like all of their pictures?
a) No. No. No.
b) Maybe to like a recent picture
c) Sure, liking a picture from a week ago can’t hurt
d) Every single picture of every pretty person has been liked. By me.

9. How often do you post pictures of food?
a) Never. I enjoy eating in peace
b) I’ve done it once for this awesome thing that I tried
c) Sure, maybe a few times every week
d) Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

10. What do you feel about the 140 character limit?
a) Fine. I hardy use 30 of those
b) I go to the limit, but not enough to need more space
c) Maybe a little more space would help
d) I need 400 characters to express myself in a short novel.

How did you do?
A = 0, B = 1, C = 2, D = 3. Add your score up.
0 – 8: Nobody thinks you are annoying. Hopefully.
9 – 15: Shrug off the people that think you are annoying. You don’t like them anyways
15 – 23: Okay, you might want to change a few of your annoying habits.
24 – 30: You need to get off social media. Now.

Post what you got in the comments!

Neel Jain and Bryson Barbee