What House are You In?




By Neel Jain and Vijay Chirumamilla

1. Do people regularly ask you for help with homework?
a) Sometimes, because people know I will help
b) Yes, they are crawling to me for every assignment
c) Pffst, I don’t do homework
d) Obviously. Why not?

2. You catch your friend cheating on a test. You then…
a) You ignore it
b) You tell the teacher
c) You punch them in the face
d) You ask for the answers

3. If somebody drops something in the hall…
a) You pick it up for them
b) You use a pulley contraption to lift the stuff
c) You block the path of the crowd to let them pick it up
d) You kick it around

4. You find an older student bullying a younger one. You…
a) Tell the older student to stop
b) Perplex the older kid with your wit
c) Beat up the older kid
d) Stay for the entertainment

5. You are in a deserted hallway when the lights go out. You…
a) Panic
b) Find a way to get the lights back on
c) Brave it out and find an exit
d) Insult the lights because they are weak

6. You are at a neighbor’s house, they are bad cooks. You…
a) Eat and don’t complain
b) Make lively discussion on the evolution of cooking
c) Find a way to break out of the place
d) Comment on how they burned the salad

7. You are reading a book you don’t like. Your reaction is…
a) Keep reading, once you start, you must finish
b) Search up the summary of the book online
c) Rough it out until you just put it down
d) Throw the book out the window

8. People are making fun of your new haircut. You…
a) *shuffle shuffle shuffle*
b) Deflect their comments back at them.
c) Break through the crowd and walk away
d) Make fun of their haircut.

9. You see a child having trouble crossing the street. You…
a) Go and help them
b) Give them a segway that drives itself around town
c) Pick them up and run across
d) Laugh at them, take a picture and give wrong directions

10. You meet this stranger that asks for your number. You…
a) Laugh kindly but say no
b) Give them the number for the police
c) Throw them on the ground and walk away
d) Give them the number to nursing home

How Did You Do?
A = 0, B = 1, C = 2, D = 3, Add up all of the numbers. If your number is…
0-7: Hufflepuff, Loyal and Humble
8-15: Ravenclaw, Intelligent and Full of Wit
16-21: Gryffindor, Brave and Reckless
22 and above: Slytherin, Cunning and Arrogant