Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

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Black Friday has been a tradition for many years, and gained the spot for the busiest shopping day since 2005. The day has usually been celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday has gotten to a breaking point in the last few years. There have been reports of people being trampled, pepper sprayed, and even shot. Is Black Friday all it has been made out to be? Or is a new trend shooting to popularity?

The newcomer, Cyber Monday, has only been around for a few years. The day is the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It is a day that most online retailers, like Amazon, have large deals. It is pretty much a Black Friday that is for online retailers. This means no long lines, cold and danger of injury that comes with the traditional day after Thanksgiving.

In the past few years, Black Friday has slowly been inching into Thanksgiving (which some people now call “Brown Thursday” or “Gray Thursday”). The major retailers are trying desperately to get the most out of the biggest day of holiday shopping, at the expense of the employees and people who celebrate Turkey Day by eating a nice dinner with their family. It seems that many are adapting to this change on the calendar well, though, even making it a tradition to camp out for the best deals and skip the almost-royal feast that occurs on Thanksgiving.

Whether you celebrate on the last Thursday of November by stuffing yourself until you can barely remember the definition of diet or camping outside the doors of major retailers waiting the good deals to come, everybody can celebrate the deals found online somewhat after the hustle-bustle of the weekend. Cyber Monday is a full 3 days after the Day of the Fattening, so it allows you to recover from your meal (and your dishes). It also provides the in-home experience- you never have to leave your bed/couch/kitchen to experience the deals of the year.

It is not surprising though, that many people prefer Black Friday. It provides thrill and excitement, and it is also a good place to find others that share your passion. The violence, danger and overall work that goes with it drives others away. So if you are looking for good deals from the comfort of your home, or you are driven away by everything “Black Friday”, Cyber Monday may be the better fit.

Special mention goes to Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday when the family-owned and town-exclusive companies get to shine. Consider checking out the businesses that are dedicated to your location and your happiness.

Written by Neel Jain