Long May She Wave

by Ian Kimbell

The Frazier Arms Museum has a reputation for exhibits with high quality artifacts, and this is no exception. Right now, the “Long May She Wave” exhibition is being displayed at The Frazier Museum. This display is all about our country’s flag. It shows the evolution of the flag we have today. It even includes flags from before the U.S.A had an official flag.

In 1777, the Continental Congress declared that the American Flag would be composed of stars and stripes. However, there was almost a century before this where the iconic flag was not officially designed. Therefore, “Long May She Wave” shows many interesting, unofficial flags. Not only does this exhibit yield flags, but it has many other symbolic American items. These include Native American moccasins and political campaign buttons. The exhibit has thousands of flag related items waiting to be looked at.  This is a wonderful exhibit to visit for anyone who wants to learn about symbols of our country.

The exhibit will go until July 6, 2014,  so you have plenty of time to take a look. If you are going to Washington D.C. next school year, this would be great to add to your knowledge of American symbols before you go. Admission is $6 for children (5-13) , and $10.50 for adults. Click this link for more information: http://www.fraziermuseum.org/visit/admission-hours/. If you wish to have a flagtastic day, then this exhibit is for you.