Modern Dystopian Titles

Dystopia has been a theme for a very long time. It is one of the more popular genres for modern day readers. Readers adore and fear what these books portray and look to indulge more into fantastical worlds where almost everything is wrong. They deal with topics we are afraid of in this day and age, transformed into something so grotesque we are repulsed and entrapped at the same time. Warning: There are spoilers.

The HunTHGger Games trilogy deals with the government being so oppressive they have teenagers kill off other teenagers in a fight to the death, all to fulfill their need for entertainment. The protagonist of the series is Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl who volunteers for her sister to fight to the death with 23 other people from the 12 districts. After winning the games, she finds out that nobody wins, as she is forced to celebrate killing people. She is then forced into a rebellion, where she faces loss so heart wrenchingly terrible, she finally breaks down.

Divergent is a series about Chicago in the future. This communityDivergent has 5 factions, and everybody should be able to fit into one of them. There is a rare case where some do not, and they are called Divergent. Beatrice Prior is part of the faction Abnegation, who volunteer and try not to practice self-vanity. Beatrice, or Tris as she goes by, chooses Dauntless , the brave ones, after she is revealed to be Divergent, as her new faction. Erudite is the faction for smart individuals, and they are trying to take over the government. As they fail, many are persecuted, until a video is released that talks about outside the fence. They then find that the outside is no better than the inside.

These two series have come to be extremely loved by teenagers and adults alike. Many have made connections to real life or other fictional events. For example, many names in The Hunger Games are from Ancient Rome, especially the play Julius Caesar written by none other than Shakespeare himself. This intrigues many readers, because there are so many connections to our world that it seems like these events are inevitable.