Gridiron Glory

Written by Ian Kimbell

gridiron_logo_redoThe renowned Frazier Museum just opened a new exhibit. This exciting new exhibition opened on April 5 and will go until August 31. Well, I hope you are ready for some football, because the new exhibit is Gridiron Glory, “the most extensive and comprehensive exhibit ever done on America’s most popular sport.” Even if you are not a football lover, as I am not either, you will still find many interesting artifacts in this exhibit. These include the science of sports and molds of player’s body parts that you can compare yours to. When I went, my entire body up to my shoulder could fit inside a mold of a football player’s leg. Although I do not know much about football, I could not say that it wasn’t interesting to do that.

The Gridiron Glory exhibition is over 5,000 square feet. It contains 200 football historical artifacts, such as documents, photos and gear. The exhibit contains many artifacts donated by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This exhibit is a great way to learn about the history of football. You can learn about different football dynasties and see old football uniforms. I do not know much about football, but I feel like a person interested in football would be very interested in this exhibit.

To sum it all up, the Frazier Museum’s new exhibit is Gridiron Glory. Although I do not know much about football, I feel like this exhibit would be great for all of the football fans out there. To all of my loyal readers, have a great summer break. I will continue to write amazing articles for the rest of this school year and begin again at the start of  the next school year. Who knows? I may throw in a few during the summer.