International Jazz Day

Written by Ian Kimbell

The day this article was posted was a few days after International Jazz Day (May 20). Jazz is undoubtedly my favorite genre of music due to its smooth and relaxing nature, along with its funkiness and swing. This is all nice, but what exactly is jazz? Let’s take a closer look into the smooth genre of jazz.

Many people in the past and current experts say that jazz is extremely difficult to put a definition on. The genre of jazz spans from ragtime to free jazz to swing to many other genres. Jazz ensembles are usually made up of brass, woodwind and percussion, particularly piano. Guitar and violin occasionally can show up in jazz, along with other string instruments, such as the bass. Jazz is known for being syncopated and improvised, and all jazz has a unique rhythm. Jazz started becoming very popular in the twentieth century, and has since been a very important part of culture in many areas.

Well, I hope you take this bit of information and I hope it changes your day. I am sorry that this article was not actually posted on International Jazz Day. I know this article was short, but I hope the length does not affect the jazzy quality.