The Lego Movie

By Vijay Chirumamilla

As the first 3-D animated movie focused on Legos, it could be said that a lot was expected of The Lego Movie.  I would argue that this movie exceeded expectations in most categories. This movie is the movie for anyone looking a funny, action-packed, allusion-filled movie which has a decent amount of plot twists.


The plot of this is movie is well-crafted. The movie starts out with Emmet, the main character of the movie, waking up and doing his morning activities in accordance to the rules, which are contained in a manual that he and most lego people have. However, Emmett’s life takes a turn when he meets Wyldstyle. Because of a prophecy, Wyldstyle mistakes Emmett as one of the most extraordinary people in the entire world of legos. Then, Emmett and Wyldstyle embark on an amazing journey that will take them to lands far away and they will be joined by many recognizable characters from several different universes. Secrets will be revealed, trusts will be broken and friendships shall from in times of despair. If I revealed any more of the plot to you, I believe that it would make the whole movie less enjoyable for a viewer. I do wish that the story went quicker in some areas.


Another aspect that I enjoyed about this movie is the character development. While it is generally hard to show one’s character developing in an around two hour, this movie pulled it off amazingly. Emmett’s character changes because he starts to realize how he and other “regular people” can make a difference in the world of legos. This realization allows Emmett to be more confident in himself and allows Emmett to be a person who has a different personality than those who follow the manuals and the rules. However, I think that the “other regular people” should have been given more of a role in the movie. I have would also liked to have seen the other characters in the film get character development to some extent.


The soundtrack of The Lego Movie had many different types of music. In my opinion, the soundtrack helped the movie’s popularity increase. However, I do think that the music was as great as some people say it was. The instrumental pieces were great but, the song everyone likes, Everything is Awesome, is the one I dislike the most. I dislike this song because it is the only song in the word-containing entire movie and the word choice for the lyrics were so repetitive that it got annoying having to listen to this song more than once. Honestly, I believe that this song shouldn’t get as much praise as it is getting and this song shouldn’t have been played that many times during the movie.


Overall, The Lego Movie was a great movie, and it’s for anyone who enjoys a movie that is action packed, wittingly humorous, family- friendly and funny. This movie had many allusions to many other modern movies and characters. This movie would be getting a grade of an B in my book. The reason that this movie is not considered an “A” movie is due to the terrible song, Everything is Awesome, being repeated so many times throughout the movie.