“Divergent” Movie Review

By Peyton Baize

I recently watched the movie Divergent. I read the book before seeing the movie, so I had some high expectations. I did not expect line for line, every word, but I did expect all of the characters and the important scenes. The book was amazing, but the movie… eh, not so much. In fact, I thought it was terrible.

The book and movie were both set in a dystopian future, Chicago. Beatrice (Shailene Woodly), later known as Tris, is Abnegation. She has to take the aptitude test, a test to see what faction you are best fit for. During the aptitude test, you go through two simulations. However, in the movie, she went through one. The one that was actually in the movie, was a little different. In the book, before the simulation actually started, she was in a room full of mirrors. I am pretty sure that the director got confused, because instead of there being mirrors in the room after (like in the book), there were mirrors in the room she was in during the simulation. The rest of this scene was done right up until the dog changed. What I mean is that in the book, the dog was running at her, trying to attack her. But when it got to her, he became nice and started licking her. In the movie they did that, but it was a different dog. The dog was huge and furry and had mean eyes, but when he started licking her it was still big, but smaller and skinnier, and had different, nice eyes. Why!!! Adding to them changing a little bit of the simulation, they decided that the second simulation was not important. The rest of the scene was fine.

I forgot to mention that the casting was not the best. Shailene Woodly was probably the worst Tris ever. Here is why:

Tris: Blonde hair, short, small (like a twelve year old)

Shailene: Brown hair, tall (like a twenty-four year old)

So, the people that did not read the book but watched the movie, just know that this was wrong. All of the characters were wrong except for Christina and Jeanine. I am not just mad about the characters looking wrong, I am mad about them leaving out amazing characters. Marlene, Shauna, Zeke, and most importantly, Uriah. You cannot just leave out one of the best characters! Hopefully, in Insurgent (the second book/movie) they add in the missing characters, and make them look like what they did in the book.

Okay, I found another flaw in the movie. It kind of goes with my second paragraph. I know, not every scene in the book is going to be in the movie, but don’t get rid of important scenes to add in dumb scenes that were pointless and not in the book. Here is what I feel like happened:

DIRECTOR: So, in the book Peter stabs Edward in the eye with a butter knife. Well, we are not making a movie based off of the book or anything, so let’s just get rid of that scene and instead, Jeanine will get stabbed in the hand, which does not happen in the book!

Okay, I know that probably did not happen, but, that is what I feel like happened. What infuriated me even more though was while watching the deleted scenes, I noticed that they were all important scenes from the book that were not good enough for the movie! One of them was the butter knife scene (the scene I mentioned earlier)! AHHHHHH! Why?!?! It will make no sense in Insurgent when Edward comes back with an eye patch.

Hopefully Insurgent will be better. There are rumors that they are adding Uriah in the movie. Apparently, they are also adding in a character named Edgar, to create a “love triangle” between Tris, Four/Tobias, and Edgar. Edgar was not in the book, so this will be interesting.

If you are one of the many people that only saw Divergent, and did not read it, I have a message for you. Even if you did read Divergent, continue reading.  So, non-Divergent readers, READ THE BOOKS!!! It is amazing, and way better than the movie! If you didn’t read the book, you would not know how painful it was for the Divergent readers to watch the movie. There might be some reader out there that liked the movie though. Read the books!