By Jack Schad

The year is 2077 and humanity has been recovering from a sixty year war with an alien being. The moon has been destroyed, causing an extreme, long term deformation of Earth. Jack Harper, a drone repair technician, is based with his “wife” in an area at what was once the North American Midwest.

In my opinion, Tom Cruise, who plays Jack Harper, is well suited for the role. To any sci-fi lover, this is gold. What more could one ask for? Drones everywhere, aliens, clones, and not to mention Morgan Freeman!

Tom Cruise has had a great movie career so far and his role in Oblivion made it even better. He has been in other good movies such as Rain Man, Far and Away, and The Edge of tomorrow. He partnered up with Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko as is partners in the movie.

The C.G. in this movie is superb. You can really tell that the graphic design team put a lot of quality into its making . All the characters were incorporated perfectly in conjunction with the C.G. effects in the movie.

If I could rate this movie 1-10, I would give it a 9. I think that they could have put a little more work into the the characters and plot, but sci-fi gold like this rarely has come around. I would definitly recommend this movie to you.