“The Notebook” Movie Review

By Marie-Claire Diehl

“The Notebook”  Review

I recently watched “The Notebook” for the first time, and to be honest, I was pretty underwhelmed.

I felt I was the only girl on the planet who hadn’t seen this movie. So, I took it upon myself to watch it. Honestly, I don’t understand why people get so emotional about it, or why they talk about it so much. I didn’t even think it was that cute. Maybe we girls were too distracted by Ryan Gosling shirtless to pay attention to the plot itself. So let me explain it in a nutshell.

Noah (Ryan Gosling) threatens to kill himself if Allie (Rachel McAdam’s) doesn’t go out with him. Subtle, I know. So, she does. They fall in love, she has to move away, finds someone else, goes back to Noah and they fall in love or something like that. And throughout the cliché mess of a plot, you find out that old Noah is actually reading this to old Allie because she woke up with amnesia or something. I don’t know, it wasn’t clear.

And somewhere in the movie they kiss in the rain and it’s on the cover and every teenage girl dreams about it.

All in all this movie was for to cliché for my tastes and set unrealistic relationship goals for teenage girls everywhere. So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it. And I surely wouldn’t watch it again.