Scribners Got Talent!

Scribner’s Got Talent

By: Dalen Payton


This month on Scribner’s Got Talent, we have number eighty on the football team, Stephen Herron. I chose Stephen because he is hardworking, on and off the football field. How he manages, sports, studying, homework, football camps and practice outside of school I don’t understand. I interviewed this hardworking, conscientious, and dedicated player this past Friday.

Q: “Who or what inspired you to do football?”

A: “My dad. He once told me that from the time I came out of my mom, he knew I would be a football player. When I was four to when I was nine I always had tickets to the colt’s games. I was so committed.

Q: “What do you do to stay motivated? In other words, what are your practicing styles?”

A: “Out of school I go to training sessions and other camps. For school, I practice two hours a day so I will be ready for the games.”

Q: “What are your coach’s requirements to be on the team?” How do you succeed at doing this?”

A: “coach says we have to maintain our academic performance in school. To start on the team we have to at least have to have a “C”. During the season you can have a “D” however coach won’t let you play during the games. So I am eligible to play in the games, I work hard so I can maintain good grades. My mom won’t let me play if I don’t have all “A’s” or all “A’s” and at least a “B+”.




Q: “What other stuff do you handle while on the football team?”

A: “well I also have a relationship with Terah Crosier. She won’t allow me to have a B+ or lower. This drives me to work hard in school.

As you can see, Stephen works hard for football. How he handles all of the stuff on his plate I still can’t quite comprehend but he still manages it all. Stephen has good grades, is on Scribner’s football team, does football camps outside of school and has a relationship which makes him a good nominee for the Scribner’s Got Talent column.

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