Howl’s Moving Castle Movie Review

By Isabella Hampton

Howl’s Moving Castle

I like to watch Studio Ghibli movies. One of my personal favorites is “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

     Howl’s Moving Castle is an animated film about a young girl named Sophie (Emily Mortimer). In an unfortunate sequence of circumstances, she meets Howl (Christian Bale), and gets swept into his mess of a life. That night, the Witch of the Waste (Lauren Bacall) turns her into an old woman-who goes by the name Grandma Sophie (Jean Simmons)-thinking it will hurt Howl. It didn’t.

Sophie gets upset and goes to the Waste to find Howl. The Waste was obviously misnamed, because it is a beautiful place. Anyway, it isn’t very easy to find Howl because he lives in a moving castle, hence the name. So, she goes off and meets a cursed scarecrow she named Turnip Head, and finds the castle. Sophie lives in the castle under the disguise of a cleaning lady. She meets a fire demon named Calcifer (Billy Crystal) who is also cursed, and a little boy named Marckl (Josh Hutcherson). To make this plot more intense, there is a war going on around them that is slowly killing Howl.

Even though the movie is super-duper amazing, the idea didn’t just pop out of nowhere. It came from the book Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I would recommend this movie, and book. It is really good and one of my favorite movies out of the millions that I have seen. Watch it, and love it.

I also feel the need to say something about the animation, graphics, and music just for all of those people out there who don’t get interested in a movie through the plot. The people who animated and drew everything in the movie did a wonderful job. A while ago when I watched this movie for the 10,000th time, my brother commented every time they showed the sky about how photo shopped it looks. Every time he said that I would tell him “It’s not photo shopped, it’s drawn.”

The music is also really good. There aren’t any words, but that’s natural for music playing during a movie. I think it’s really cool, and goes along with the movie well. Now, with all of the information I have given to you, run over to your local Target and buy this movie. Please.