The New Albany Little League


By: Mallory Baumann

Students of Scribner, also a part of the New Albany League, are Hayden Krebs, Carson Gentry, Cody Medley, Aidan Clemmons, and Andrew Rickets. They had awonderful experience, with baseball this summer! They won state, then went on to Regionals. They didn’t win, but they rocked it out! I went to see there last baseball game, that’s when they lost. They were winning it for more than half the game, but sadly they lost. They were extraordinary! I am glad I got to interview all five of them.

Question and Answer with baseball players


Mallory: What was your favorite memory of your experience?

Hayden: Talking to the Jackie Robinson Team, because now they are famous.

Carson: When we drove up to Regionals.

Andrew: Pin Trading.

Cody: When Austin (another one of the baseball players) was on top of the T.V and then fell off.

Aidan: Hitting the walk off.


Mallory: What was your favorite team to go against?

The whole team: Jackie Robinson Team. They gave us a challenge.


Mallory: What does baseball mean to you?

The whole team: LIFE!


It was very fun to interview them. It’s kind of funny because I have NO, and I mean NO clue what baseball stuff means. When Aidan said hitting a walk off… I still don’t know what that means, (as you can tell baseball genius here). Well, more like if you ask me a baseball or any sport question, I won’t give you an accurate answer.

Thank you to Hayden, Carson, Andrew, Cody, and Aidan, for letting me interview you! I am not the biggest fan of baseball, so learning a little bit more about it, was pretty cool. Thanks again, bye!