Percy Fowl Reads: The Blood Of Olympus


Percy Fowl Reads: The Blood Of Olympus

By Percy Fowl (Vijay Chirumamilla)

As it is the season of Autumn, Rick Riordan’s new book has hit the shelves of many bookstores across the United States. As the last installment of the Heroes of Olympus series, the Blood of Olympus was a highly anticipated book.  This book, written by the famous American author Rick Riordan, is one  that people of all ages will enjoy. I think almost all of the readers were extremely happy with the book in some parts and enjoyed the book throughout the reading period. Just like the other books in Heroes of Olympus, The Blood of Olympus is a fantasy book, which revolves around the characters of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology in a modern day setting.

There were many aspects of this book that I enjoyed: humorous bits, the multiple point of view, the amazingly written sequence structure, character development, the hanging tension in the air due to possible death of our dear characters, and how our heroes will overcome the current conflict. This book did have some disappointing moments at the end, where most the readers felt like Rick Riordan, despite not liking prologues, should have more information regarding our characters. This book was disappointing because like me, most readers, thought that the length of this book could have easily been longer because of the potential that the plot had. The final major reason of why this book was disappointing because Percy Jackson did not have a point of view in this book. Like most of fans of the current series, I grew up reading the original Percy Jackson and Olympians series. I think that I wish that the person’s point of view, that we started the series with, was the same point of view that the last book included.

As per usual, I can’t completely discuss the plot of the book without ruining it for the reader, so I will try to limit spoilers as much as I can with still giving potential readers a good amount of information. Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank all continue on their journey towards Athens, the land where the giants, their main enemies, reside.  While this is going on with the seven, Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge continue on their way to Camp Half-Blood to deliver the Athena Parthenos to try to prevent a war erupting between the Greek and the Roman camps. The Heroes will have to face many obstacles and challenges before finally reaching their desired destination and result.

Overall, Blood of Olympus is a book that I would recommend to anyone who likes to read books of the Fantasy of genre or anyone who is interested in Greek or Roman mythology. This is filled with many little things and not so little thing that readers will definitely enjoy and cherish.  This book ranks 9.75 in the genre of Fantasy.