Literally, a Haunted House

By: Peyton Baize

Everyone needs to be scared every now and then, and October is the perfect time to scare. October is the perfect time because the scariest holiday, Halloween, is in this month. Sometimes during October, people will set up haunted houses, which is where screams are unleashed. Most people don’t like getting scared, but I like anything scary. If you like to be scared or you want to scare a friend, I know the perfect place for you.

Every October, the Culbertson Mansion does a haunted mansion. They decorate the mansion’s carriage house as a place for zombies, clowns, and ghosts to scare people. They call the haunted house, “Literally, a Haunted House.” They call it that because some people think that ghosts actually roam the halls of the mansion.

My friend, Isabella, and I decided that this October we had to go to a haunted house. We felt that we never truly had been scared. We remembered hearing about the Culbertson Mansion’s haunted house, so we looked it up on the internet. Lucky for us, it was open later that day. We decided to go, and went with her mom and brother, who were as up to the challenge as we were. When we arrived, screams were emitting from the mansion. We saw a large chalk board with six things written on it. It said: criers, quitters, peed in your pants, pooped in your pants, vomited, and passed out. There were tally marks after every one, which was the mark of a person. After we went through the house, Isabella and I were not a mark, but her mom and brother were. They did not really like the idea of people jumping in their face, so they quit. They quit at the very beginning, so that meant Isabella and I had to go alone.

During the tour, Isabella and I had a clown girl go with us, because we were not going alone. We each only screamed once, which I found amazing because I thought we would have screamed more. People jumped out in front of us, and screamed in our faces, but we were not scared. We were having so much fun in the house until we had to separate. One of us had to be “sacrificed”, which the man choosing who would be sacrificed chose Isabella. We both knew that “being sacrificed meant us separating, and the sacrificed would go in a coffin. We had no idea what was going to happen when we got in the coffin, but we were not going to quit. Isabella was 100% sure that she was not going to get in a coffin, so it had to be me. I did not want to get in the coffin at all. We told the man that we were not going to get in the coffin, so he assumed we were quitting. Isabella was ready to quit because we were not separating or getting in a coffin, but I was not quitting. I finally decided that I would be sacrificed, which Isabella thought I was crazy for making that choice. Since she was not getting sacrificed, she got in a thing that spun really fast. I hate being spun so I was happy to be sacrificed. The man opened the coffin, and I laid down. To my surprise, it was really comfy inside of it. Before he closed the lid, I noticed that the coffin was on a track, so it was kind of like a rollercoaster. It was pitch black when he closed the lid, but it was really fun being sacrificed. When I got out, Isabella was standing there waiting for me. We then ran as fast as we could out of the house because we were being chased by a guy with a chainsaw. We lived!

The house was so fun, and I am glad the Culbertson Mansion does it. I recommend this to anyone 12 and older, because it would be intense for younger children. I hope that after reading this you will consider going to it next year, and if you do go, ask to be sacrificed!

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