Percy Fowl Reads: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods


Percy Fowl Reads: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

By Percy Fowl(Vijay Chirumamilla)

Holy Hera, this was a great book! Some of you may have not known, but Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, has started a bit of a side project for the stories of Greek Gods, narrated by the one and only Percy Jackson. This project took off to a very successful degree and was welcomed by most of his fans.  The foot-long book, Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, was released on August 19 and was filled with beautiful, page-filled illustrations, which were drawn by John Rocco, the man who makes the covers of the Heroes of Olympus books.


Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods focuses on the Twelve Olympians and other extremely important gods and goddesses, including heath-tending Hestia, harvest-loving Demeter, kidnapper-marrier Persephone, accusing Hera, gloomy Hades, earth-shaking Poseidon, powerful Zeus, wise Athena, lovely Aphrodite, war-loving Ares, silversmith Hephaestus, sunny Apollo, moon-like Artemis, swift Hermes and whiny Dionysus. Percy Jackson shares several stories of these gods and goddesses with his own dash of sassiness. Even though, I have read lots of collections on Greek mythology, this book had a couple of myths that either were not in-depth as they were in this book or that were completely new to me.


One thing that I liked about this book was the format of sequence that it was written in. The book started out with the backstory of the gods, with the Titans, Gaia and Ouranos, and explained in such precise detail how each and every event to led to another, and eventually the age of the Greek Gods. Then, the book goes on and explains each individual gods by briefly touching on their areas of power, comparing them to the other gods and then going on to some of their most interesting myths, which are explained in great detail. However, I wish that this book was a lot longer and including more gods.


As a person who has not a read a collection of Greek mythology in a while, I must say that this book was simply fantastic. With its amazing narrator, illustration-filled pages, and very detailed explanations, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about any type of mythology. This book probably became my favorite book centering around any form of mythology, which is why I am giving the highest rating possible: a ten in the genre of mythology.

Thank you for reading and be sure to watch out for next week’s article, a review on the eighth series of Doctor Who.