Scribners Got Talent


This month in Scribner’s got talent I focused on one of the stars on the basketball team: Kelsey Potts. Just from our interview I learned that Kelsey is hardworking and is determined to do anything to be successful at being a basketball player. Kelsey was sure to be a great candidate because she focuses on her grades and still manages to be a great addition to the Scribner basketball team.

Q 1: What do you think the players on the team’s strengths are as a whole?

A: Basically, we try to work together and stick together so we can fight through any situation.

Q2: What do you see your winning streak being?

A: To be honest, I can see us winning every game. I mean, we have the potential. We are a strong team, but we just have to work towards our goal.

Q3: how hard were tryouts? What was hard

about them?

A: the tryouts themselves weren’t so much as hard. What made it really nerve racking was the coaches watching your every move. Everything you did you were wondering whether or not the coaches were criticizing you.

Q4: What position do you play and how do you see your importance on the team?

A: I play center. I feel important because I am the one who is under the basket trying to make rebounds. I try my best to get the ball and put it back up if I am needed.

Q5: how do you maintain grades along with playing?

A: Grades always come before playing.

If you don’t have the grades, that means coach won’t let you play. If you really want to achieve at basketball or any sport you must do great at both your grades and your goal.

Q6: What other stuff do you do to stay good at basketball?

A: I keep my body in shape and practice of court. I always practice off the court. During the off seasons I am always playing. I really love basketball.

As you can see, Kelsey is very well rounded. She knows what she want and she also knows what she needs to excel at being a great player. As I said before, Kelsey is very determined and hardworking.