By: Darin Starks

As the century’s move on and more and more of the future becomes the present the world’s vocab is doing the same different phrases and words coming and leaving. The 21 first century is the age of “21”. A phrase that has become very popular and annoying is “21” it is off of a Vine when a man ask a boy what 9 + 10 is and he says 21 in a weird voice and the man says, “you stupid” then the boy says “no I not” . I don’t understand why it is so funny just a boy who got a math problem wrong. But the rest of the world seems to enjoy it, I constantly here the number 21 always in the halls, math class, etc. Now it really has gotten old but people seem to think it is the best thing to happen to mankind and I don’t understand like you’ve gotten a math problem wrong before right? So just turn it into a vine and you’ll be famous. Another phrase or word that is popular is “fleek” or “on fleek” to be honest I like it, it sounds cool and people use to describe something as really good or on point. So I’ll be walking down the hallways and be like “eee them shoes on fleek” people use it to compliment someone or just say it to say it. But that is one of the most recent one out that people say all the time. Also another phrase is “bruh” which I say a lot to be honest. People use it to refer to a friend as it or when mad or somebody do something stupid. So as you can see as time goes on words do to, different words being created and becoming real words like selfie. Then what’s next? What is the next word of the century? We’ll just have to wait and find out.