‘Catching Fire’ to a Hot Movie

After begging for a chance to buy the movie, I can’t say I’m disappointed. The plot line further improved the mark that the Hunger Games left us with, making me actually feel emotion towards most of the characters. It may have been a bit slow paced, but it makes up for that in quality. I felt as if I could immerse myself in the country of Panem, and a first-hand view of the 75th Hunger Games.

They really tried for the Opening Ceremony this time around; it makes up for its prequel’s attempts. The lantern costume’s fire CGI effects was superb, ‘outshining’ the previous year’s blazed leotard. But as we walk onto the interview’s affects, we can see a few slips. The Mockingjay dress was rather graceful in demeanor, but the wings didn’t appear to seem real upon further speculation. They were obviously added in with editing after real life substitutes failed. But, I suppose if our dumbfounded Capital loves it, no harm is done, right?

Character development, like previously stated, was far superior to its prequel in terms of competitors and lovers. However, flaws are apparent, such as the fact Mags had no lines. I do realize in the book Katniss can’t make out her words due to her lack of enunciation, but she wasn’t mute. I suppose just being silent altogether was far easier than having someone mumble the entire time. Also, while on the Victory Tour, there was no confrontation with Plutarch on the subject of his new Mockingjay clock, a key moment that explains he is an ally to Katniss and crew. Other than minor things like that, the characters were spot on in terms of detail and personality. Finnick with his charm, Johanna with her bluntness, and even captured Wiress and Beetee’s superior education and thinking.

As we go in to the games, all I could think about was excitement. Sitting through an hour and a half of victory tours and such of the like really gets you pumped for some action. And I was not disappointed. I felt like I had a front seat row to the 75th Hunger Games, featuring the third Quarter Quell. The portrayal of the arena was spot on, capturing its domed demeanor. It also captured the urgency the crew felt during the different sections of the arena’s disasters, as well as the sacrifices some made to protect each other. Overall, everything was spot on and I loved it equally or more so than the book itself.

To conclude, the movie is in my top 10 for sure, and it should be at least the top 20 for you. In comparison to the book, it may lack some minor details, but that pales in the way the movie presents itself. No movie is without flaw, but this movie sure outweighs its cons with pros. You can expect me to be in the theaters on premiere day for the next movie, Mockingjay Part 1.