By Marie-Claire Diehl

I very recently finished a book called Cracked. It is about two sophomores in high school.  They both have very different lives but end up in the same psych ward. this was an amazing book that i would recommend to anyone that considers themselves mature enough.

Victor is a nobody. he is bullied everyday by a kid called “Bull”. His parents never wanted him, in fact, up until the age of four his mother called him “her little mistake”. He is a math genius that scored a perfect 800 on his SAT. but because he didn’t get a perfect score on the other two sections, his parents refused to take him with them on their trip to Europe. So, when evaluation his sucky life, he decides to take a bottle of his moms sleeping pills. And to his dis taste, he wakes up in a hospital bed all filled up with wires and tubes.

Bull had just an equally sucky life. His father left before Bull was born. His mother and grandfather are drunks. not to mention his grandfather abuses him on the daily. so when Bull decides hes had enough, he turns a loaded gun on his grandpa. But in a turn of events he doesn’t quite remember, he ends up in a hospital bed with a bullet shaped hole in his leg being submitted into the psych ward for a suicide attempt. I guess its better than going to jail for attempted murder right?

When victor and Bull end up being roommates, they need to learn to make the best of this horrible situation. They’re surrounded by people just as messed up as they are. They will fall in love, have a few firsts, and overall, be happy they went through this. i love this book and would definitely recommend this to anyone mature enough to read it.