Divergent Movie Review

By: Darin Starks
If you’re looking for a thrill-packed adrenaline rush type of movie, Divergent is for you. It is filled with all types of action and drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
For me, I really liked Divergent overall it was great. It started sort of slow but picked up in the end. The plot and whole story of the book/movie was amazing, a girl finding who she really is and protecting her family and a whole city finding love and fighting for her life. Plus Tris, played by Shailene Woodley, she was a great main character for this movie. She is a really skilled actress, and the way she played that part was amazing.
The mix of excitement, action, and romance really completes the whole movie. The action it had was really amazing and interesting something different. Then, the twist that the book had with Tris’s and Four’s (aka Tobias) relationship was really weird, and I think had everybody wondering how it would work. But as the movie progressed, they really began to give a strong interest in each other. Soon their relationship became complicated filled with lies and hidden secrets, seemed that they really couldn’t trust each other. Even through all that they were in love with each other as we all could see.
Although there were many positive about the movie, I was deeply disappointed because the movie left out a lot of important parts. For example the scene where Tris took her aptitude test, they didn’t show the whole thing, they just showed a part of it, than it was in the book. They left out a lot of parts that I thought should’ve really been in the move. I think the book was way better than the movie, but that is the case with most movies based off books anyway. But the book seemed way different from the movie form what I thought it was going to be, they did a bad job at really explaining or putting detail in some parts and that’s one of the things I really didn’t like.
Overall the movie Divergent reminded me of Catching Fire because of the way they were both set up the plots, really were similar. Both of the protagonists Tris and Katniss were trying to change their environments to make things right save and protect their family. Plus oddly, both of their relationships are complicated, they both fall in love.

In the end, the movie was great I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in love, drama, action, etc., or even for the people who are not. Divergent is a great movie filled with excitement.