By Keiya Gordon

Gossip. We all have done it, yet some of us never seem to get that when you continue throughout all your school years, you just sound immature. People may even avoid you too. But we don’t want add to the series of “Mean Girls” we all do things that we shouldn’t; some lead to more trouble than ever. Do you really want to be another Lindsey Lohan? Really, take some advice from a girl who wants to change, but I think that the reason things got so bad for her is because people expect so much from her… like anybody’s supposed to be a Perfect person. Nobody is!

We’d all have better days if people could just stop talking about each other and maybe deal with the problems. Or, maybe even stop disliking someone for no reason that could change lives day by day. But not many choose to come to school and actually do their work its seen as socializing time; if only we could read a book assignment instead of talking about someone who is actually doing their book assignment, you might not know that the people who spend their time talking about others seem to have lower grades. Wow! Very shocking, I know.

It’s just so frustrating when you’re not doing anything, and they honestly have nothing better to do than use you to talk about either behind your back or while you’re there . If they liked you, I don’t see why they would sit with you or if they don’t why the do sit by you or choose to be in the same room with you. They’ll never admit it, but surely they want to be you if they do these things. So, the next time you see that clique gossiping just smile, half the things they say don’t even make sense if you listen to the way they talk. Something more important must be happening for them in their English classes.

So, finding friends may be hard trying to find the right people to hang with because there’s an interestingly high chance if you hang out with people who gossip you’re sure to be talked about too. No matter what you do you’re talked about good and bad but don’t let them change you because you’re you and they might be more jealous of you then you think. By all means, continue to do you when you hear things about yourself just smile. Never shed a tear, and care a little less every time one day they’ll realize how they wasted their school years talking about people who are probably doing better than they are now.