Grunge is Back

By: Marie-Claire Diehl

“Oh my, what a cute dress sweetie.”

“Thanks mom, now i just need a flannel to tie around my waist.”

If you thought grunge was over at the start of the 2000s you were wrong. Its back.

Black skinny jeans, a band tee, combat boots, and a flannel around your waist and you blend in with most of your friends(I’m guessing.) And i personally think it looks really cool.

i don’t really have anything against this fashion trend. except that Nirvana is a band not a brand. on the other hand, some people are getting slightly upset over this flashback style. because things like rip off doc martins are being sold all over for cheap. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that though. mostly because I’m broke.

this trend isn’t like many others. if you look down the hallway you wont see everyone dressed like this. it is popular but it is just coming about in a way. i didn’t see anyone wearing these types of clothes last year.

i also don’t think that this trend will die out to soon. it is very comfortable and wearable. it doesn’t involve hair covering your face or 10 inch heels. this look is also affordable and easy to pull off. And it looks great on almost anyone. so go out and stock up on your flannels kids.