by: Jackson Schad

Within every website you visit, mobile or computer, is a not so advanced system that makes the website look eye catching. Not only that, HTML, the code, is the skeleton and body of a website. Slowly and surely, HTML is being replaced by something known as HTML5.

HTML5 is still experimental, but it is a very cool way of setting up websites on a digital platform. It lets website visitors experience an even more in-depth option for website viewing, without sacrificing speed. To you, this means an even fancier site at a fast speed.

Personally, I think every kid should be taught coding at a young age. Computers are a very dominant thing among young adults these days. With coding, a kid could make their own game or app. The kids of today are the adults of tomorrow. Those adults are the ones that change world. Like I originally said, HTML 5 is just a code. If you know how to work with it, it can be the Play Dough of the internet. Think of it like the motto of Nike has. “Just do it”.