In The Ghost of Halloween

Halloween is a long celebrated tradition carried down through the ages. Nothing is more fun than going out and collecting candy or just being that one person who scares everyone. One thing about this holiday that I don’t understand is why some people think it is a Satanic holiday. I can understand the scary decorations and the costumes, but really, being Satanic. It’s not like people sit around the bonfire drawing pentagrams and summoning Satan.

Another thing I don’t get is the people who criticize you on your age. I’m thirteen and still go trick-or-treating with my five year old sister. *Walks up to house, knocks on door, door opens, little sister retrieves candy and you’re standing there holding a bag like, “Where’s my candy?”, person turns around, “Aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?”* This is how it’s been for awhile due to the fact that I’m taller than some people my age. Take it for granted that most people stop going out and collecting candy at this age, but I’m still a kid at heart.

The costumes that were really popular this year were Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen, Pikachu,and the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors and Tardis from Doctor Who. They were really adorable, especially Pikachu. (The Best Pokemon)

The weather this year wasn’t the best. It was really cold and the wind did not help. While standing outside of the 4-H Fairgrounds it started sleeting for a minute. Once inside we were rewarded with warmth, candy, punch, and hot dogs. Same as every year. After looting the fairgrounds, everyone moved on, to either go home or hit some streets. My sister and I only went to two streets before we decided to go get pizza.

This Halloween was pretty fun, although, I’m pretty sure next years will be a lot better. 🙂